Interreg V-B "Balkan-Mediterranean" Programme 

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Financial information
Total Programme budget:    45,336,251 €
Total EU contribution:          38,223,553 €

ERDF:   28,330,109 € 
IPA(e):  5,126,137 €


  • Bulgaria
  • Cyprus
  • Greece

Main objectives
The "Balkan-Mediterranean" Programme is a new transnational cooperation programme, deriving from both the split of the former programme "South East Europe" (2007-2013) and the strong will of the Balkan-Mediterranean countries to promote cooperation in the area. It will address the following key challenges: increasing territorial competitiveness and protecting the environment.

Funding priorities

The Programme will focus on two main priorities:

  • "Entrepreneurship and Innovation" promoting entrepreneurship and targeting the innovation capacity of SMEs.

  • "Environment" focusing on an efficient management of the natural ecosystem and of the resources within the waste sector, the soil and the water sector.

Expected impacts

  • Enhancement of SMEs’ business performance
  • Strategic re-orientation of business policies favouring entrepreneurial, social and digital innovation
  • Increasing the attractiveness of the region for innovators and business
  • Establishing efficient links between business and vocational training
  • Exchange and transfer of knowledge between regions and countries in the Balkan Mediterranean area
  • Reduced "brain drain" phenomena
  • Sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage across the whole Balkan–Mediterranean transnational territory
  • Reduced ecosystems’ degradation and protected/conserved natural capital
  • Increased sustainable employment opportunities through integrated management & monitoring of designated areas
  • Contributing to implement the Natura 2000 network and respective legislation.


Managing Authority of Interreg V-A "Balkan-Mediterranean" Programme

URL: www.interreg.gr/en/
Tel.: (+30) 2310 469600
e-mail: interreg@mou.gr

Last modification date: 30/03/2017