Management & Control System 

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The Management and Control System is a set of interdependent administrative authorities, which have a specific organisational structure and develop individual activities with the objective purpose of sound financial management of resources (economy, efficiency, effectiveness) and include:

  • all Authorities/Bodies, which undertake the competences of management, certification, control and coordination, in accordance with Regulation (ΕC) 1303/2013, their organisational structure and individual competences;

  • the operational correlation of Authorities/bodies and the compliance with the principle of separation of functions;

  • the written procedures to be implemented;

  • all the relevant regulatory acts required for the designation of Authorities/Bodies and the implementation of Operational Programmes.

The Management and Control System was designed taking into account the new architecture of the Operational Programmes in the PA 2014-2020 and incorporates the new requirements of Regulation (EC) 1303/2013 for the Programming Period 2014-2020.

The Management and Control System 2014-2020 is common for all Operational Programmes in the PA 2014-2020, that are financed by the ERDF, ESF and the Cohesion Fund, in the framework of the Investment for Growth and Jobs goal.

The Special Service for Institutional Support (EYTHY) of the General Secretariat for Public Investments, as the competent service for designing and monitoring the implementation of the MCS operates a Helpdesk for the officers working at the Special Services and the Managing Bodies.

Questions are submitted to the Helpdesk and the necessary clarifications and explanations are provided for the correct operation of the Management and Control System. Specifically, users can submit questions on:

  • the implementation of the Management and Control System of the Operational Programmes, and
  • issues of a legal nature that arise during the management and implementation of programmes and projects with respect to maintaining the applicable national and community rules.


Last modification date: 19/02/2016