Crete OP 

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Financial information

Total OP budget:         434,883,125 €
Total EU contribution: 347,906,498 €


ERDF: 289,648,876.00 € 
ESF:     58,257,622.00 €

Main objectives

The Programme aims to boost economic development and create job opportunities in Crete. It contributes to achieving the Europe 2020 targets for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, also in line with the smart specialisation strategy. It should create jobs and help SMEs to become more competitive and innovation-driven. EU funding will also contribute to meeting the requirements of the Union's acquis, in particular as regards waste water treatment and the increase of solid waste recycling, and increase energy efficiency.

Funding priorities

The OP support will substantially contribute to promoting following key EU and national development priorities:

  • "Reinforcement of competitiveness, innovation and entrepreneurship" (ERDF 12% of the EU allocation): increase in enterprises' participation in research, innovation and ICT, promotion of start-ups and investments in sectors of added value.

  • "Sustainable development with environmental upgrade and climate change adaptations" (ERDF 59.4% of the EU allocation): increase in energy efficiency in public and private buildings, promotion of investments for mitigating climate change and specific risks, increase in solid waste recycling and improvment in water quality, promotion of natural and cultural heritage as well as reinforcment of regional mobility.

  • "Reinforcement of education and social cohesion in Crete" (ERDF 11% of the EU allocation): investments in education and professional training as well as in health and social care.

  • "Promotion of employment and workers' adaptation to changes" (ESF 1.2% of the EU allocation): improvment of employment and skills in the areas of the regional smart specialisation strategy.

  • "Promotion of social inclusion and combatting the poverty in Crete" (ESF 15.2% of the EU allocation): improvment of access to employment for disadvantaged people, combatting any kind of discrimination, promotion of social enterprises and access for disadvantaged people to health services.

  • "Technical Assistance" (ERDF 1% and ESF 0.2% of EU allocation respectively): provision of technical assistance.

Expected impacts

  • Support of more than 500 SMEs and cooperation of more than 200 enterprises with research institutions
  • Creation of 270 full time equivalent jobs
  • Improved water supply to additional 30,000 persons and waste water treatment to additional 75,000 persons
  • Additional 70,000 tonnes of waste recycling capacity per year
  • Annual energy savings of 902 ktoe
  • Support of 25 business plans for social enterprises
  • Some 11,000 disadvantaged persons should benefit from health and social care services.

Managing Authority of Crete Region

URL: www.pepkritis.gr

Tel.: (+30) 2813 404500

e-mail: kriti@mou.gr

Last modification date: 26/01/2016