OP Fisheries and Maritime 

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Financial information

Total OP budget:         523,406,309 €
Total EU contribution: 388,777,914 €
Total national:             134.628.395 €


European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF): 388,777,914 €

Main objectives

The Operational Programme for support from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund in Greece aims at achieving key national development priorities along with the "Europe 2020" objectives. The OP addresses the general reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and fully supports the priorities defined in the EMFF Regulation. The main objectives of the OP aim at enhancing the competiveness of aquaculture and processing sectors, the viability of sea fisheries sector and the sustainable development of traditionally fisheries dependent areas. The Programme also addresses the need for protection and rehabilitation of the marine environment and its living resources, the control of fisheries activities, the collection of fisheries data and the improvement of knowledge on the state of the marine environment.

Funding priorities

The Operational Programme will focus on the following priorities:

  • "Viability and sustainable development of the Greek fisheries sector as well as at the protection of the fishing/marine resources" (186.2 million € or 35.57% of total OP allocation). The OP foresees investments for the modernization of fishing shelters and landing sites, for better health and safety, for the promotion of innovation and partnerships between fishermen and scientists, for the development of complementary activities /new forms of income for fishermen and investments allowing fishermen to use and add value in unwanted catches. The creation and the monitoring of artificial reefs have also been planned, aiming at the protection and the restoration of marine biodiversity and the limitation of fisheries' impact to marine environment. Permanent cessation of fishing activities and on board-investments to increase gear selectivity have also been provided.

  • "Fostering environmentally sustainable, resource efficient, innovative and competitive and knowledge based aquaculture" (89.7 million € or 17.15% of total OP allocation). Under this priority, the EMFF will support productive investments in aquaculture as well as investments aiming at enhancing competitiveness and viability of the aquaculture sector.

  • "Promoting the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy" (92 million € or 17.59% of total OP allocation), for the collection and management of data as well as for supporting monitoring, control and enforcement.

  • "Promoting the maintenance of the economic and social sustainability of the Greek fisheries and aquaculture areas" (54.1 million € or 10.34% of total OP allocation), focusing on the creation of jobs and the diversification within and/or outside fisheries and aquaculture sectors and the sustainable exploitation of related products through the implementation of comprehensive local development strategies.

  • "Fostering marketing and processing" (78.2 million € or 14.96% of total OP allocation).

  • "Integrated maritime policy aiming at improving knowledge on the marine environment" (5.9 million € or 1.13% of total OP allocation), with particular focus on the development of part of CISE (Common Information Sharing Environment).

  • "Technical assistance" (17,037,219 € or 3.26% of total OP allocation) in order to ensure efficient administration of the EU funding, including support to publicity and information measures as well as evaluations.

Managing Authority of OP "Fisheries and Maritime"

URL: www.alieia.gr

Tel.: (+30) 213 1501150

e-mail: infoalieia@mou.gr


Last modification date: 11/02/2016