Rural Development Programme 

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Financial information

Total OP budget:          5,880,192,246 € 
Total EU contribution:  4,718,291,793 €
National co-funding:    1,161,900,453 €


European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD): 4,718,291,793 €

Main objectives

The strategy of the Programme is structured around three interdependent and complementary key objectives:

  • Creating a strong, competitive and viable agri-food system
  • Promoting sustainability of the agri-food system and rural areas
  • Creating viable and multifunctional rural areas

These objectives are mainly achieved by:

  • Strengthening competitiveness and agri-food system productivity and enhancing the value chain of domestic agricultural products

  • Upgrading of human capital and strengthening the entrepreneurial culture

  • Protecting and managing natural resources and biodiversity, as well as the mitigating and adaptating to climate change

  • Providing basic services and improving the quality of life in the countryside

  • Diversifying the economic base and strengthening social cohesion of rural areas.


Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 has maintained the familiar palette of measures such as: Improvement of the overall performance and sustainability of the agricultural holding, Processing and marketing of agricultural products, Young Farmers, Infrastructure related to the development or adaptation of agriculture, Agri-environment payments, Knowledge transfer and information actions, Advisory services and farm management services, Quality schemes for agricultural products and foodstuffs.

However, significant new elements are introduced such as:

  • Cooperation actions with expanded scope between different actors in the rural development sector. It is provided, amongst others, the establishment of operational groups of the European Innovation Partnership for Productivity and Sustainability of Agriculture, aiming to connect agricultural research and practice.

  • A series of measures, including: Development of small farms, Start-up aids non-agricultural activities in rural areas, Investments in forest areas, Development and improvement of the viability of forests, Setting-up of producer groups and organizations.

  • The fact that the LEADER approach for local development acquires – in addition to the multi-sectorial – a multi-fund character and constitutes the "Local development strategies with the initiative of local communities".

  • Providing an extended decentralised implementation of concrete measures and actions.

Managing Authority of Rural Development Programme

URL: www.agrotikianaptixi.gr

Tel.: (+30) 210 5275100

e-mail: agrotikianaptixi@mou.gr


Last modification date: 22/09/2016