Calls for Tender of the Special Secretariat for Public Investment-PA

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Notice for an Electronic Open Public International Tender for awarding the project: ”Implementation of the Monitoring Information System (MIS), in accordance with the requirements of the Programming Period 2014-2020"


The Monitoring Information System (MIS) Special Service under the General Secretariat for Public Investments - PA of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism is launching an electronic Open International Public Tender to award the project "Implementation of the Monitoring Information System (MIS), in accordance with the requirements of Programming Period 2014-2020".

The scope of the project is to design, implement and support the productive functioning of the MIS for the PA 2014-2020 period, through the adaptation and extension of the existing MIS, in order to cover the requirements stipulated for the Programming Period 2014-2020, as set out in the Management and Control Systems (MCS) and in accordance with the EU regulations based on e-Cohesion.

The project is implemented through the co-financing of Greece and the EU by the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) in the context of the Operational Programme Technical Assistance.

More information and the Tender document are available in:

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The budget of the project amounts to FOUR MILLION EIGHT HUNDRED NINETY FIVE THOUSAND AND FOUR HUNDRED EUROS, €4,895,400 (budget without VAT: €3,980,000 - VAT(23%) = €915,400). The above amount includes an Option for €1,230,000 (including VAT, option budget without VAT: €1,000,000 - VAT(23%) = €230,000).

Deadline for bids

10/2/2016 15:00

Submission of bids

The tender will be carried out by using the National Electronic Procurement System (ESIDIS), through its internet portal (Tender no.: 6301)

The bids shall be submitted by the Economic Operators electronically, through the above internet portal of ESIDIS, by Wednesday 10/2/2016 at 15:00, in Greek, by means of an e-dossier.

Communication info
Special Service for the Monitoring Information System (MIS)
2 Ag. Filotheis Str., Athens, GR-105 56
+30 +30 213 1500301
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