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URBACT Integrated Action Plans: 6 Steps Local Authorities should follow


Integrated urban development and participative action-planning are at the heart of the URBACT programme. Local authorities involved in URBACT thematic networks have to set up an URBACT Local Group (ULG), composed of different local stakeholders from inside and outside the municipality, in order to co-produce an integrated action plan to respond to the local challenges and problems they face.

From 24 to 26 August 2016, the URBACT Summer University in Rotterdam gathered more than 380 representatives of 170 European cities involved in URBACT networks, to train them on how to design integrated urban policies using an action-planning cycle.

This action-planning cycle applies to any local authority (involved in URBACT or not) willing to develop an integrated action plan on a specific topic, or even a master plan, in a participative and integrated way (i.e. taking into consideration economic, social, environmental and physical dimensions of local challenges). 

The main prerequisite of this process is the creation of a Local Group, a group of local stakeholders (citizens, NGOs, universities, private sector, city staff)  concerned by local problems or the topic of the action plan.

The URBACT programme advises local authorities to follow six steps for the design of local policies in the document attached below.

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Last modification date: 11/10/2016