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"I LIVE GREEN" video competition by the European Environmental Agency



The European Environmental Agency and its partners organise the video competition "I LIVE GREEN" and request all European citizens to share their green choices and actions in the form of short videos.

Scope of the competition

The competition aims to promote European citizens’ “green” actions. The state of the environment around us is affected by many of our daily decisions, ranging from what we eat to how we travel or heat our homes. Some of our day-to-day decisions are made with the intention of minimising negative impacts on the environment and consequently on our health.

Many people across Europe are opting for more environment-friendly choices and actions every day. The video competition "I LIVE GREEN" gives European citizens the opportunity to share the small or big actions they take to help the environment through short videos, vote for the best ones and be a source of inspiration for others.  

Although green actions can be taken in almost every aspect of our lives, the video competition "I LIVE GREEN" would like to focus on the following four areas:

1. Sustainable food: Nutritious food is essential for a healthy life. Food production requires valuable resources like land and water. Pesticides and fertilisers in agriculture can have an impact on soil and ground water. Certain dietary choices and habits, such as how much meat we consume or how creative we are with leftover food, can play a role in ensuring that resources are not wasted and that we exert less pressure on the environment.

2. Clean air: Air pollutants are released as a result of many different activities, from transport to agriculture. Our preference for public transport, cycling or walking, car sharing or opting for an electric car instead of a petrol or diesel car can certainly help improve air quality, and also boost the quality of life in our city.

3. Clean water: Our water resources are under a number of pressures, including over-extraction, climate change and pollution from different sources like agriculture and urban wastewater, impacting not only our health but also marine life. Plastic shopping bags, facial scrubs and toothpaste containing micro-plastics can all end up in our seas and harm marine animals.

4. Minimal waste: All the products we buy have a limited lifespan. There are innovative ways to reduce the amount of discarded products we send to landfills. At best, some products can be leased and shared with others, while others can be repaired and/or re-used for different purposes. Or, different types of materials can be recycled in a way to be used in new products.


The winners in each category (Sustainable food, Clean air, Clean water, and Minimal waste) will be awarded a cash prize of EUR 1,000, while EUR 500 is on offer for the finalist who wins the Public Choice Award.


Submissions closed: 31 March 2018, 23:59 (CET)

Public vote opens: 1 May 2018

Public vote closes: 31 May 2018

Winners announced: 5 June 2018

How to enter the competition

1. Create an original video clip (between 30 and 45 seconds running) relevant to one of the four thematic areas above, following the guidelines in the Competition rules.

2. Prepare a short descriptive text of maximum 1,000 characters (preferably in English) to be uploaded along with the video.

3. Submit your entry through the online submission form.

In any case before entering all partcipants need to check the rules and conditions of the competition on the "I LIVE GREEN" webpage.

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