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The #Ode2Joy Challenge by the Europa Nostra Organisation


Europa Nostra is the most representative organisation in Europe with members from over 40 countries aiming to celebrate and protect cultural heritage. The #Ode2Joy Challenge is a participatory creative and social media initiative celebrating Europe’s cultural heritage – both tangible and intangible – on the occasion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. It seeks to unlock creativity and encourage participants to make an “#Ode2Europe” as a humanistic and cultural project, based on shared values, history & heritage.

Everybody is invited to contribute! The #Ode2Joy Challenge does not only target professional and amateur performing artists (such as singers, musicians or dancers); any creative and imaginative interpretation or expression of “#Ode2Joy” is also welcome (e.g. photography, video, a drawing, a cartoon, an app, a game, design, story and or poem). The participation of schools is also strongly encouraged.

Let yourself be inspired by the Ode to Joy composed by Luwdig van Beethoven. This famous music has become a symbol of Europe, the anthem of Europe. Perform the original score or create your own version and do this at a heritage site which matters to you: a small parish chapel, a famous historic theater, a garden in your village, or a museum in your town.

Record your creation and share it via social media on 9 May – Europe Day. The most inspiring and creative contributions will be showcased at the European Cultural Heritage Summit in Berlin. Until the end of 2018 & beyond: on-going promotion of the results of the #Ode2Joy. The results of the #Ode2Joy challenge will be promoted until the end of 2018 & beyond.

More information at the webpage “the #Ode2Joy Challenge”.

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