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Mediterranean Coast and EU Macro-regional Strategies Week 2017 at the Adriatic coast of Slovenia, 20–23 September 2017



The registration for the Mediterranean Coast and EU Macro-regional Strategies Week 2017 is open until 18 September 2017 and you can register here. The event will take place between the 20–23 September 2017 at the Slovenia's Adriatic coast.

The Mediterranean Coast and EU Macro-regional Strategies Week is a traditional event in Slovenia and has origins in the "Mediterranean Coast Day", which is celebrated in the Mediterranean countries since 25 September 2007. The date 25 September was chosen in honor of the Republic of Slovenia which, in 2009, ratified a Protocol on Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Mediterranean as the first Mediterranean country.

In Slovenia, the celebration is inextricably linked to the regional cooperation under the three European macro-regional strategies which are implemented in its territory - the Danube, Adriatic-Ionian and Alpine strategy.

Every year the event brings together stakeholders, practitioners, experts and general public to discuss the current situation and the future of the sea and coastal management. Numerous roundtables, project showcase and thematic workshops aim to raise awareness on the sea and coast and their natural resources and economic potential, as well as to expose the risks to which the sea and coast are exposed to due to the natural phenomena and human actions.

Focus of this year's event is "Living with the sea".

Within the Mediterranean Coast and EU Macro-regional Strategies Week, the participants will have the opportunity to attend the "EU Macro-regional Strategies Conference on Media and Communication - Know thy neighbour", which is going to happen between the 20-22 September 2017 in Portorož. The conference is coorganized by the EUSAIR Facility Point and is focusing on how to make macro-regional strategies more interesting for the media.

All the event related information are published at the dedicated website.

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