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Webinar on "Community and Citizen Awareness, Ocean Literacy"


An online webinar on “Community and Citizen Awareness, Ocean Literacy” was held on the 21st of July 2020. The webinar was part of the e-training course on Understanding and acting for a healthy plastic-free Mediterranean Sea, organized by the BlueMed Initiative.

The webinar focused on how the citizens can become active players in the marine circular economy, towards shared sustainable choices: marine tourism, food, and water consumption, waste management, plastic reduction, etc. The speakers presented theories and practices for understanding ocean literacy & raising citizens and community awareness and provided information about the experiences of citizen's engagement in marine-based projects.

Following the presentations, a Q&A session was held with questions from the audience. The audience centered on the methods of litter collection and classification and student's participation in actions for ocean depollution.


Alba L’Astorina, Rita Giuffredi (BlueMed and CNR)

Erasmia Kastanidi (BlueMed and HCMR)

Francesca Ronchi (ISPRA, Italy)

Lucia Fraga (CETMAR, Spain)

Mihaela Candea (Mare Nostrum NGO, Romania)

Macarena Marambio (CSIC, Barcelona)

Ines Boujmil (BlueMed Ambassador, Tunisia)

Badr El Mahrad (BlueMed Ambassador, Morocco)


Watch the video recording of the webinar here.

Last modification date: 14/9/2020

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