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Conservation and restoration of the Acropolis monuments

Restoration of Acropolis monuments

Rescue operations in certain areas of the Acropolis monuments with serious structural problems and recovery operations of monuments’ sites with the integration of scattered ancient material whose initial position was recognized. Furthermore, static adequacy and seismic reaction of the monuments was tested, for the perimeter walls and the Acropolis rock, using the latest technology. The project included maintenance of the surface areas of the monuments where restoration work was carried out and in parts of the monuments which are in urgent need of maintenance. All works carried out were systematically documented. Moreover, promotional actions for the Acropolis and the restoration projects are included in the project, targeted at the scientific and general public. The objective is to promote scientific knowledge, publicize and promote the work performed, to promote intangible cultural and inherent values of cultural monuments and to raise public awareness on issues related to cultural heritage.

Benefits: The continuation of the scientifically demanding and technically complex project of protection, mounting and maintenance of the Acropolis monuments, which are included among the most important monuments of the world cultural heritage and their promotion with actions that will contribute, mostly to preserve them for future generations, as well as to a deeper understanding by the general public, and the attraction of more visitors.


Budget: €7,700,000


Programming periods

  • NSRF 2007-2013

Operational programme

  • ROP Attica 2007-2013

Structural funds

  • European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Area of implementation

  • Region of Attica

Area of interest

  • Culture
Communication info

Contact info: Acropolis Monuments Restoration Service

Last modification date: 10/2/2016