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Innovathens - innovation and entrepreneurship hub

Innovathens Hub

Innovathens – an innovation and entrepreneurship hub located in Technopolis in the city of Athens - operates as an integrated networking centre, enabling the exchange of knowledge and experience among businesses, researchers and creative individuals. Innovathens makes use of existing infrastructure spaces transforming them into integrated networking centres, fosters knowledge transfer and provides support to the unemployed and start-ups. The presence, on a daily basis, of entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers from Greece or the Greek diaspora, through additional training activities, workshops and collaborative ventures plays a key role in its operation.

Benefits: The hub supports new business activities in an innovative and outgoing manner, providing knowledge and services to young individuals who want to go into business, so as to create new employment opportunities in the city and the broader region.

Budget:  €2,345,044.40


Programming periods

  • NSRF 2007-2013

Operational programme

  • ROP Attica 2007-2013

Structural funds

  • European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Area of implementation

  • Region of Attica

Area of interest

  • Research - Technology - Innovation
Communication info

Contact info: Technopolis Dimou Athinaion AE


Last modification date: 7/2/2018