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Refurbishment of the prehistoric, classical and Byzantine exhibits at the Thebes Archeological Museum

Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Θηβών

The Thebes Archaeological Museum houses many emblematic exhibits, including the imposing ancient kouroi from the temple of Apollo in Ptoon (6th century BC), the grave stele depicting warriors at the height of battle, beautiful painted sarcophagi from Tanagra and linear B tablets. Impressive exhibits, kept in storage until now, include the completed frescoes depicting a procession of women in hunting scenes from the Orchomenos palace, artifacts from the sanctuary of Hercules, built in the 8th century BC, as well as the unique grave stele of Theodoros. There are also Byzantine mosaics dating back to the 5th century AD, which were discovered during the museum expansion work, and so much more. The project included:

  • Conservation, transportation and display of antiquities
  • Archaeological and photographic documentation (labels, wall information panels, museum guide texts and pamphlets, digital content and audiovisual material, archival material reproductions, photographs and aerial photographs)
  • Equipment procurement
  • Information material in printed and digital format
  • Interior spaces layout
  • Equipment for exhibition spaces
  • Supplementary – supporting studies pertaining to the conservation, exhibition and showcasing of the ancient remains located in the Museum’s patio – including the construction of a protective cover and access pathways
  • Construction of a cover and an itinerary for visitors in the context of promoting and showcasing the antiquities in the basement and patio of the Museum.


Benefits: The Thebes Archaeological Museum is established as a very important museum of international caliber, that contributes to the promotion of the Region of Sterea Ellada.

Budget: €4.109.018


Programming periods

  • NSRF 2007-2013

Operational programme

  • ROP Thessaly - Sterea Ellada - Epirus 2007-2013

Structural funds

  • European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Area of implementation

  • Region of Mainland Greece

Area of interest

  • Culture
  • Tourism
Communication info

Contact info: Perifereia Stereas Elladas
L. Kalyvion 2, 351 32 Lamia
+30 22313 52610


Last modification date: 6/2/2018