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Tempi tunnels

Tempi tunnels

The tunnels at Tempi are an important project that is included in the completion of construction of the Maliakos-Kleidi section of the Patras-Athens-Thessaloniki-Evzones motorway. The scope of the project includes the design and construction of new motorway sections, 25km in length, 3 tunnels of separated sections with a length of 10.7km per section at Tempi and Platamonas, two large dual section bridges with a length greater than 200 metres and two grade-separated junctions at Rapsani and Platamonas.

The most recent work mainly pertained to the construction of 25km of new motorway and the integration of the three tunnels with enlarged cross-section to include the construction of an emergency lane.


Benefits: A significant reduction in driving time from Athens to Thessaloniki, at just over four hours. Greatly improved road safety and reduced accidents by up to 70%. Protection of the environment at the Valley of Tempi.


Budget: €725,397,908


Programming periods

  • NSRF 2007-2013

Operational programme

  • OP Accessibility Improvement

Structural funds

  • Cohesion Fund
  • European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Area of implementation

  • Region of Thessaly

Area of interest

  • Environment
  • Transport
Communication info

Contact info: Aegean Motorway
Moshohori, 415 00, Larisa, Greece
+30 2410 680300


Last modification date: 13/11/2018

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